Experienced DUI Defense And Traffic Violations Representation

An arrest for drunk driving, a serious moving violation or a series of traffic citations can put your California driver's license at risk — and nothing is more precious to members of our car culture than their driving privileges.

If this has happened to you — a first or repeat DUI offense, reckless driving charge, speeding ticket or accumulating parking tickets — you have rights and options, and experienced legal advisers who can educate you to them.

These skilled DUI defense and criminal defense lawyers are waiting to help you right now at the Law Office of Mitri Hanania in Redwood City, serving motorist clients in the Bay Area for more than 20 years.

DUI/DWI and traffic violations defense attorneys Mitri Hanania and Yousef J. Totah seize every opportunity to protect your rights at every stage of the legal process — at administrative hearings, during careful examination of police reports, for negotiations with prosecutors and, if a trial is needed, aggressive advocacy that advances your goals.

Has Your Driver's License Been Suspended Or Revoked? Our Law Firm Can Help.

Too many factors can go awry before, during and after a DUI arrest. Hazardous weather, dangerous roads, engine malfunctions and pre-existing medical conditions can cause law enforcement to mistake erratic driving for driving while impaired. Our law firm explores every one of these avenues, plus the strenuous nature of field sobriety testing and possible breathalyzer malfunctions, to push for reduction or dismissal of your charges.

But first we need to hear your version of what happened. This conversation takes place during your free phone consultation with the Law Office of Mitri Hanania. Just call 650-366-6789 or arrange a discussion by email. Whether your DUI stop is your first priority, or you've been charged with alcohol-related vehicular manslaughter or homicide, we are dedicated to protecting your rights.