Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses

A felony conviction in a state courtroom can have a dramatic negative impact on your life. Your debt to society could include a lengthy prison term, substantial fine and restitution, and a criminal record that makes you a marked person in your community. In addition, your legal ability to own a firearm, maintain an immigration status and continue visitation rights for your children would be adversely affected as well.

The best way to avoid these life-changing punishments is to retain the most experienced criminal defense representation you can find in the Bay Area. At the Law Office of Mitri Hanania in Redwood City, our founding attorney and attorney Yousef J. Totah work as a team to protect your rights and preserve your future.

Our lawyers possess more than 20 years of combined experience, and a recognized reputation for positive outcomes, in cases just like yours. When your working relationship with us is complete, you will know that your legal interests have been aggressively safeguarded.

Experienced, Exceptional Criminal Defense Representation In California Courts

You should be in touch with our law firm immediately if you are being investigated for, or have been arrested for, any of these serious felonies:

  • Conspiracy
  • Drug charges
  • White collar and financial crimes
  • Armed robbery
  • Homicide
  • Weapons violations
  • Gang-related offenses

Many factors play roles in the advocacy we provide before judges and juries. We conduct detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding your arrest. We look closely for any sign that law enforcement overstepped its bounds, such as inflicting a violation of your Fourth Amendment privacy rights. We negotiate skillfully with opposing counsel to put you in the best possible legal position for trial. We anticipate and frustrate prosecution strategies during litigation and emphasize every positive aspect that could help you regain your freedom.

Along the way, you receive the best of our attentive personal service. This means your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner, and you receive frequent updates on the status of your case.

Your phone consultation is free of charge. Call the Law Office of Mitri Hanania at 650-366-6789 or remain at our website to reach us by email.