Restraining Orders

Restraining orders have a variety of purposes. They attempt to prevent someone previously accused of domestic violence from:

  • Making contact with another person (the alleged victim)
  • Being in view of that person from a certain distance
  • Visiting places visited by the person, such as office, workplace or a place where people gather
  • On occasion, even being present at one's own home

This list should give you some idea of how seriously the law enforcement and our justice system take the subject of domestic violence. To basically delete an alleged offender from the life of the victim can be a harsh but necessary step.

Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence? Have you been charged with violating a restraining order, after being accused by a family member or domestic partner of abuse?

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During your initial consultation, we are glad to define and explain terms such as:

  • Temporary restraining orders (TROs)
  • Domestic violence protective orders (DVPOs)
  • Civil harassment orders
  • Emergency protective orders
  • Victim-and-witness issues

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