Defending You Against Serious Criminal Charges

Are you fearful of being convicted of a serious felony charge?

Is your life on the line in a California state court?

Do you feel powerless to avoid harsh punishments such as a prison term, heavy fines and a record as a felon that follows you everywhere?

In the Bay Area, the seasoned and successful criminal defense law firm that is ready to come to your rescue is the Law Office of Mitri Hanania in Redwood City.

Our firm is recognized throughout the region for its extensive legal knowledge, thorough case preparation, savvy litigation strategies and responsive personal service to every client. These assets are the major reasons for our track record of results, inside and outside of the courtroom.

20-Plus Years Of Combined Experience In California State Criminal Courts

Battle-tested trial attorneys Mitri Hanania and Yousef J. Totah work hard to protect your rights after an arrest on felony charges of:

Are you seeking to erase a prior charge, to increase your chances of qualifying for a job, housing or a security clearance? We can explain and pursue expungements and record sealings for you, so you can be free of the stigma of a dark past chapter in your life.

Whether the charge is a homicide or a serious traffic violation, our experienced criminal defense and DUI defense lawyers recognize the value of in-depth investigation and careful inspection of the charges you face. They collect your positives, assess your negatives and where it's possible to discredit police procedures, they do so. They excel at detailed research, proactive tactics and skillful plea bargaining with prosecutors. If negotiations fail, they give their all to voicing your goals before the judge and jury.

If your situation is dire, and requires utmost urgency, these quality legal services can begin immediately — but you must contact us.

Your free phone consultation with the Law Office of Mitri Hanania can be handled right now at 650-366-6789. We respond promptly to all email messages.