Criminal Defense at the Highest Caliber

Mr. Hanania handles any and all state level prosecutions including the following:

  • Traffic Offenses (San Mateo County Only)
  • DUI's
  • Theft and Fraud Offenses
  • Drug Offenses including possession, transportation, and sales of illegal narcotics
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Gang Cases
  • Serious and Violent Felonies like burglary, robbery, criminal threats, etc.
  • Three Strike Cases
  • Homicide Cases
  • Juvenile Cases (San Mateo County Only)
  • Civil Commitment Proceedings

Mr. Hanania also handles the following matters:

  • Witness and Victim Representations
  • Expungements
  • DMV Hearings
  • Appeals and Writs
  • Proposition 36 and 47 Petitions